Is Your Work Flow Working For You?

I am doing some research on clinical practice client work flow and wondered if you could help?

I am interviewing clinicians on the software, vendors, processes and systems they use to manage new and existing clients. My goal is to find ways to improve work flow so that clinicians can be most efficient, save money and not stress out on the business aspects of their work. I have a simple list of questions for those who’d like to help, and all those participating will get to see the results of my work which may include mention in a blog article on this topic.

All those interested in being part of the survey, or interested in coaching to improve their own work flow, can call or email me directly at 781-325-8186 or

Interested in Work Flow Coaching?

Work flow coaching helps you make the most out of your patient work flow.

Through a work flow checklist and interview process we help you determine the best work flow for you.

Call us to learn more at 781-325-8186 

What Recent  Clients Have To Say:

“Wayne, what a relief to now have a system in place! I felt like I was all over the place and am sure did not appear very professional to the clients. Thanks for helping me get better organized and I now feel better about protecting client information with the new software you helped me set up. Now, I just have to keep up to date with the paperwork J -can you help me with that too? Just kidding….”

“Wow Wayne! I did not even think about my online listings being a problem that affected my client work flow. Right after our last session where we corrected my contact information for those previously unknown online listings, I have gotten 7 new clients! In one week! Can I delay our next meeting one week so I can catch up?” Thanks!

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