Tips for Building a Private Pay Practice

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red tapeFor a variety of reasons-many clinicians are contemplating reducing or eliminating their dependence on insurance company referrals and growing their private pay clientele base.

This is certainly possible in most cases provided the clinician take several steps to improve their chances for success.

Here are some tips that I recommend to my Marketing Coaching clients:

Create a marketing plan that includes the following essential elements:

  • Know which demographic that you want to target your services.
  • Have a clear value proposition; make a convincing argument as to why clients should choose you over others in your field. Create case studies of successes that highlight your approach
  • Follow your marketing plan and integrate traditional and online media to reach out to potential clients and referral sources
  • Join and regularly attend networking groups at your local chamber of commerce, and sponsored by your professional association, or local community
  • Create joint referral relationships with others who may provide specializations you dont have and refer to each other
  • Demonstrate your expertise by speaking to groups, writing blog and newsletter articles, tweeting and posting on your business facebook page to your target demographic or those who are potential referral sources
  • Build a list of potential referral sources and be in touch with them at least monthly
  • Register on internet directories in your field that can list your clinical specialties and give you good referrals
  • Create pricing strategies that are fair and offer value
  • Maintain a regularly updated, optimized and call-to-action filled website that reflects all the points above
  • Create and post videos and audio files online that highlight your specializations
  • Get a coach or mentor to keep you focused, help you meet challenges, and give you feedback on your progress
  • Show your passion for your work in all that you do

By planning ahead and creating and implementing a marketing plan that includes these elements the private practice practitioner can position themselves to receive more referrals than needed and hopefully will be in a position to have a waiting list or refer to others.

Have you had success in growing your private pay clientele?

What worked or didn’t work for you?

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