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To be effective at generating referrals, therapist websites and other private practitioner websites, have to be tied to their unique niche and skill set and speak to the client’s concerns. I have done testing to see what works and does not work, and have created some recommendations based on my experiences which are listed below. If you would like me to consult with you on your specific needs- feel free to set up a marketing coaching consultation using the pop up tab on this site or the form below.

Necessary Characteristics of Effective Therapist Websites

Based on years of creating websites for therapists, coaches and other professionals, I have created a short list of the necessary characteristics of effective therapist websites.

Good therapist websites include at least 10 characteristics. They:

  1. Speak to the clients concerns; touching them on both a cognitive and an emotional level
  2. Express the unique personality of the therapist
  3. Clearly delineate the service offerings
  4. Focus on a niche for which the client is seeking assistance
  5. Give examples of the ways the therapist can help
  6. Are connected to social media sites and/or blog on niche
  7. Add content regularly in order to provide branding and psycho-education
  8. Convey a hopeful and inspirational tone
  9. Are coded properly so they show up in a search for certain keywords
  10. Have calls to action

Therapist Websites WordPress

I help therapists create custom websites using the WordPress content management system. This easy to customize and manage platform enables the therapist to edit their own content and pictures themselves. The advantage of WordPress sites is that once you pay for them there is just a nominal cost for hosting and website software and security updates. The downside to this platform is that if you want to add features, you will need to learn WordPress, or hire a web designer/developer who knows how to do the work. However, because WordPress is one of the most popular and easy to use website platforms available-it is both easy and relatively inexpensive to either do work on your own or hire someone.  Learn more about Therapist Websites WordPress.   Here are some alternative options listed below.


If you have enough clients, do not need your website to generate referrals, or want to get a website online quickly until you have time to build your own custom WordPress site- you may want to try Therapysites.  The downside to having this type of template site is the lack of design customization, the eternal $59/mo. charge, possible duplicate content issues which affect search rankings (if you use their suggested content), and the fact that you do not own the website. However, if you are looking for a way to get a website fast with very little learning curve or upfront cost-then Therapysites might be a good solution for you. Here are more details and some links for more information on Therapysites:

TherapySites, found at, specializes in creating websites designed for therapists that are professional, affordable, and full-featured. You pay a monthly fee of $59/month and there are no long-term contracts.

They offer some nice features that include credit card processing, appointment requests, search engine optimization, and more – it’s all included.

To learn more-click here.

Other Template Site Builders

There are other template site builders available, many using WordPress, that allow you to quickly build your own site. The advantage of these is that if you want to do-it-yourself these are low cost and fairly easy to build. These include Wix, Godaddy, Intuit and many of the major hosting companies like Bluehost, have site builders as well. The problem with these is that there is very little support available and the more you customize the site the more problems you may have with it. In addition, there are so many necessary factors to building a website that will show up in a search and generate referrals that you are missing by using these sites.

Many of my clients come to me after building sites on their own, especially when they realize these sites are not giving them any referrals. We can create a custom WordPress website which has a similar look and functionality that they own.

Building A Website That Generates Referrals

We build websites that give you referrals.  Read more about information on what makes the best website for therapists here

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