For Therapist Websites WordPress Is A Great Option

Many clinicians choose to create their own website using a software platform like WordPress.

WordPress is known for it’s use as a free blog platform, where anyone can create a blog, literally, in minutes. But a growing number of clinicians are using it to create their practice website due to the ease of use of this Content Management System (CMS) for the adding or changing of content and photos, as well as it’s minimal maintenance costs.

Clinicians also like WordPress as an option to paid monthly subscription Therapist websites freeing them from the eternal monthly cost.

Other advantages and key features of WordPress are:ç

  • Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing so you can integrate your Constant Contact, AWeber, or Mail Chimp accounts
  • Social Media Integration so you can link your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin sites
  • Search Engine Optimization tools helping you get found better online
  • Analytics so you can link you Google analytics account and track clicks on your website, keywords used to find it, etc
  • Ability to add a shopping cart and accept payment
  • Lead Management so you can track your prospect leads

Choosing a WordPress Theme

Once you have decided to use WordPress you must choose a theme which is basically the template that controls the look, layout, navigational structure and functionality that you want on the website. I ask all my clients to look at some websites online and pick out a few that have the look, navigation, and functionality that you like and we then choose theme that fits that need. You can download some default themes free from WordPress but most people choose a “Premium” theme that has more functionality, more support, and better style, typically for less than $100. Most of the time I work with premium themes, from established vendors such as PressCoders, StudioPress, WooThemes, DIY Themes, and others.

If you want to see how one of these WordPress themes looks when developed, you can view my coaching website where I used the PressCoders Coach Theme to create the website. On this site, you can even change the color options the theme offers by clicking on the drop down on the left hand side of the page.

I help people set these websites up -so if you need help with set up or design just give me a call at 781-325-8186. Here is the link to view other samples and/or to order  PressCoders websites.

If you want a drag and drop-do-it-for-yourself website and pay monthly fees-check out therapysites websites by clicking here

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