Testimonials about Wayne Kessler

“Wayne worked with me on creating identity and branding of my Clinical Psychotherapy practice. He was able to quickly and succinctly present my specialization (in writing) in a way that was understandable and desirable to both the layman and the professional person. Wayne also helped me to think about more effective ways to get the word out about my tailor-made services by identifying the population that can be best served by my practice, and by marketing my specialty accordingly. I highly recommend Wayne to anyone looking to develop and expand their business.”

Charles Granoff, LICSW, BCD   www.charlesgranoff.com

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Wayne Kessler. I hired him several months ago to help me bring my practice to the next level involving social media and networking. Mr. Kessler took my website and rewrote it so that it reflects my current practice and skill set. As a result, my out of pocket business appears to have increased. In addition, he helped me develop a Twitter account and provided a name that fits me perfectly. Finally, when we meet for our periodic consultations, Mr. Kessler provides me with a wealth of information and offers me much to consider as I think about the next step in practice development. With his expertise, creativity, and technical savvy, I find Mr. Kessler to be invaluable, and as I continue to market myself as a 21st century therapist, I cannot imagine working without his consultation. For anyone who wishes to enhance their practice/business, I highly recommend hiring Mr. Kessler for both his understanding as a clinician/coach and his business/marketing experience. You will not be disappointed!” Darlene M. Corbett, LICSW

Darlene, Hypnotherapist, Needham, MA

“Wayne’s coaching keeps me focused and more strategic about my marketing efforts. His search engine optimization has helped me get from not being found online to the first page of a Google Search. I recommend Wayne for anyone looking to be more strategic on their marketing plan, and who wants better Return On Investment. Thank you so much Wayne. You’re Awesome”

Elizabeth, Bookkeeper, Hanover, MA

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