Private Practice Marketing Jumpstart Program

The Private Practice Marketing Jumpstart Program

Hi folks:

I want to help you make this the best year ever, so I created the Private Practice Marketing Jumpstart program.

What is the Private Practice Marketing Jumpstart program?

Every year, I have noticed that I get many new clients (and some previous clients), who are wanting to get started on addressing issues that they never were able to address in the previous year.

They typically want to do three things

  1. Take stock of the previous year
  2. Explore possibilities for the new year
  3. Create a plan for the new year

For these people, and others who want to start making things happen- I have created the marketing jumpstart program.

Who Is Right For Jumpstart?

Not everyone is right for the program. To be successful you have to be ready, and determined to make reflect, be honest, take the time to plan, be willing to make changes and take action.

What Do We Do During Coaching Sessions?

Here are some of the things we might work on:

  • Address issues that are impacting work performance
  • Improve satisfaction with work or personal relationships
  • Set up systems to be more efficient, and manage time better
  • Begin to better balance work and family
  • Make better use of technology
  • Position yourself for a better or new job, school or career
  • Getting on a clear path for the new year
  • Feeling and projecting more confidence, feeling better about yourself, or doing things to be happier
  • Dealing with procrastination, perfectionism, and taking more action
  • Understanding your past so you can be more in control of your present and future

Make this year different, and better, by signing up for coaching today!

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