I have been providing online practice coaching for several years now but have just decided to publicize it on this website as I am getting more and more requests for online practice coach services nationally and internationally. If you’d like more details on who can benefit from an online practice coach read on.

Why I Became An Online Practice Coach

Becoming an online coach has allowed me to expand my client base as I provide coach services nationwide and even worldwide. This can be a viable option for private practice clinicians looking to expand their service offering and/or target population, and ultimately create an additional income stream.

Here are more ways it has helped me:

It also allows me to:

  • Provide coaching at times that are convenient to me
  • Expand the hours I can work by offering potential clients convenient night and weekend online coaching service times
  • Record coaching sessions, if desired, so my clients  can play back any parts of the session they like
  • Use whatever platform is most convenient for my clients such as Skype, VSEE, or Google Hangout

Want to learn how to add online coaching to your service offering or try out online practice coaching for yourself?

Call Wayne at 781-325-8186 or email Wayne to set up a virtual session and try it out for yourself!

Not ready, but want to learn more about our private practice coaches.

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