Steps To Start Your Coaching

1. Please complete the form below, and then navigate back to this page. Follow steps 2-4 and we will be in touch

2. Using the “Schedule”  Tab on the bottom, right hand side of this page-suggest at least 3 days/time that you are available to meet.

Choose the time frame that works based on whether you want the following:

A. 30 minute Q & A “I’m not sure about coaching yet” (no fee)

B. 30 minute brain pick or laser coaching session(fee based)

C. 45 Minute regular coaching session (fee based)

D. 90 Minute-Coaching Discovery session- (fee based double session)

Once you submit the appointment request-we will confirm the best appointment time with a tool we use called VCita which will confirm the scheduled appointment details.

3. Once you receive confirmation on the appointment, if you chose a fee based session please now Make a payment for the number of Coaching Sessions we discussed, or that feels right for you. *Note that there is a discounted rate for phone or virtual sessions, and for prepaying for 4,8,or 12 sessions in advance.

4. Once we receive payment-we will be in touch to send you any required forms to fill out prior to the session-so if you do not hear from us within 48 hours-Email us

Congratulations on taking this first step! You are on your way.

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