Private Practice Growth Marketing Program

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Do you want more clients?
Do you want more of your ideal clients?
Do you want more Private pay and less insurance reimbursement?
Do you want a VISION and PLAN grow your practice?
Do you want to learn what to do to brand/market yourself to get more private pay clients?

If so, then this is your opportunity to learn and utilize best practice marketing strategies for Private Practitioners.

The Program:

The Private Practice Growth Marketing Program teaches private practitioners and small group practices how to attract clients and grow their practice. Through a combination of webinar discussions, helpful forms and tools, and guided action steps, you will learn to implement the latest marketing and business development best practices. This will be accomplished by developing and cultivating your unique value proposition, gaining clarity on your ideal target populations, as well as devising and implementing a plan to reach out to referral sources and potential clients.

This course is delivered via webinar weekly in real time. The course includes a full set of tools for developing designing and implementing a marketing plan. Class session are held virtually and all sessions are recorded with video for later viewing if you are not able to attend a session. Homework to apply material between sessions is expected of all participants to help you apply material taught in each session.

Program Outcomes:

  1. You will discover your vision for your ideal private or group practice
  2. You will create a plan and action steps for implementing the vision for your ideal practice
  3. You will create a realistic, achievable, marketing plan for branding yourself, as well as one that fits with your personal style and comfort level
  4. You will learn and utilize a wide range of effective marketing strategies and tools to get more referrals
  5. You will develop a support network of like-minded entrepreneurial clinicians
  6. You will learn the best practices to grow your referral base and fill your sales pipeline so that you’re busy all the time
  7. You will learn how to use the latest technology to create systems to make you more efficient as you scale to serve more people
  8. You will gain the confidence, motivation, enthusiasm, and determination necessary to succeed in your business
  9. You will save yourself hours of wasted time (time that you can now bill!)

Week by week outline:

Week 1: Your Vision for Your Ideal Practice: Create a Mini business plan; Learn to run a practice like a business.

This session is about setting a vision for your practice and building a business plan. We will explore with group participants where they are now in their practice evolution and where they want to be using tools we created. As part of this program, all participants will be emailed several exclusive planning tools for free! This is for folks who have some experience and are ready for the next level of success!

Week 2: Marketing Plan Options: Choosing the Right Mix for Your Personality and Creating a Plan for Implementation.

Using some tools shared in the class you will learn the full range of marketing options available to Private practitioners and decide which of these options fit with your personality and comfort level. You will begin to create an outreach and marketing plan based on tools used in the session and generate some action steps for moving your marketing efforts forward

Week 3: Focusing efforts: How a Niche/Specialty can supercharge your practice/Creative service offerings

You will learn how some clinicians are using a niche practice to get more of their ideal clients and you’ll the possibilities for additional, or private pay income using a niche practice model You will also begin to incorporate a niche practice model and action steps into your outreach and marketing plan activities.

Week 4: How to Network to Build Relationships and Generate Referrals

This week you will become familiar with both online and offline networking opportunities for small businesses and you‘ll learn how the most successful private practitioners spend their time networking. Through discovering the possibilities that networking can bring you will begin to create a marketing plan that incorporates networking.

Week 5:Best Practices Using E-Newsletters ; How to Build Client Loyalty, Conversation, and Create a Pipeline

You will become familiar with several email newsletter company features, and options and discover how to stay top of mind and target the best prospects for your niche. We will look at how to integrate e-newsletters, blogging and social media into a marketing plan.

Week 6:Websites: How to make your website a client magnet and sales machine, grow website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This week we focus on getting referrals from websites marketing best practices for effective websites and how website SEO works. With time permitting-we’ll also review and give feedback on some participants websites!

Week 7: How to Blog to Get New Business Referrals : Creating highly sharable articles and growing your rank in Google

Decide if blogging is right for you. You will learn how to get referrals from Blogging, which are the cutting edge and necessary blog features, marketing best practices for effective blogs and how Blog SEO works.

Week 8: How to Use Social Media to Get New Business Referrals

Our final session. Along with concluding the course, you will learn the best practices for using Social Media for branding/practice building. Find out what are the cutting edge and necessary Social Media tools and Apps and how Social Media can help your SEO efforts. With time permitting-we’ll also review and give feedback on some participants social media sites!

Course Prerequisites:

  • None

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements:

Both Windows and Apple computers may be used. High-speed Internet access is recommended. Headsets with microphones are highly recommended.

Course Dates

The course can be individual or group instruction, or a webinar run for 8 consecutive weeks for 50-60 minutes per webinar.

Tuition fees

Currently, we are offering the 8 session program paired with private or group practice coaching on an individual or group basis. Contact us at 781-956-9999 for more details

We are taking applications for the next webinar. Let us know if you are interested and your preferred days/times for the webinar.

Space is limited, so please sign up as soon as possible.

If you have questions please e-mail Wayne Kessler or call him at 781-325-8186

Listen to a webinar on “How To Get More Referrals! Best Marketing Practices for Private Practitioners”. Email me for more details and a link to the private video.

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