Private Practice Marketing Training


We offer current and cutting edge private practice marketing training and group practice marketing training for health and mental health practitioners to help you and your staff grow your practice.

Wayne Kessler, Private Practice Helper Founder is a sought after, engaging, dynamic, and humorous speaker and trainer.

Wayne has done many presentations with small and large groups, both in person, and virtually on current practice building topics of interest to clinicians.

Here are a list of topics but any of these can be tailored to the needs of your practice:

  • Your Vision for Your Ideal Practice: Create a Mini business plan, Learn to run a practice like a business
  • Marketing Plan Options: Choosing the Right Mix for Your Personality and creating a Plan for Implementation
  • Focusing efforts: How a Niche/Specialty can supercharge your practice/Creative service offerings
  • How to Network to Build Relationships and Generate Referrals
  • Best Practices Using E-Newsletters: To build client loyalty, conversation, and create a pipeline (sales funnel)
  • Websites: How to make your website a client magnet and sales machine, grow SEO
  • Blogging to get New Business: Creating highly sharable articles and growing your rank in Google
  • Social Media for Business: Create a Social Media policy and effective use. Which ones are worth your time? Are you ready for social media- overview of main sites, best practices to get clients

Wayne has also created a Mastermind Program that engages webinar participants to learn about the details of these topics in a virtual or in-person setting.

Contact Wayne to learn more about training.

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