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The Private Practice Marketing Jumpstart Program


Hi folks:

I want to help you make 2018 the best year ever so I created the Private Practice Marketing Jumpstart program.


What is the Private Practice Marketing Jumpstart program?

Every year, I have noticed that in the first quarter of the year I get many new clients (and some previous clients), who are wanting to get started, right away, on addressing issues that they never were able to address in the previous year.

They typically want to do three things

  1. Take stock of the previous year
  2. Explore possibilities for the new year
  3. Create a plan for the new year.

Who Is Right For Jumpstart?

Not everyone is right for the program. To be successful you have to be ready for success, determined to make the time to plan,  and be willing to take action.

What Do We Do During Coaching Sessions?

Here are some of the things we might work on:

  • Start to envision your ideal practice/business
  • Discuss the range of marketing possibilities and decide what is right for you
  • Begin to create a marketing plan for the year
  • Set up systems to be more efficient, and manage time better
  • Discuss how to make better use of technology
  • Deal with procrastination, self-doubt, perfectionism, and taking more action
  • Get on a clear path for the new year

Incentives for Taking Action in 2018!

For those committed and courageous enough to start coaching-I have a couple incentives for you.

Incentive #1 – Triple Action Jump Start Package

I have noticed people do not always want to commit to an 8 or 12-session program so I have created a 3 session Practice Marketing Jumpstart package.

This includes 3 laser-focused coaching sessions with Wayne at the rate of $125/session.

My 2018 individual session coaching rates have increased to $150/session so you will save $75 by taking advantage of the package price. Those who use this link will save an extra $25 and get 3 sessions for $350. Click here to sign up and save.

Incentive #2 – Intensive Jump Start Package

Coaching Session Increase- Reserve Sale Pricing Now!  To give you incentive to sign up for it. Register now for the 8-session package.

I look forward to meeting and working with you in the new year and playing a part in your success and happiness this year!

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