prevent hackers from hacking

How to Prevent Hacking and Malware on Your Website

prevent hackers from hacking

Act Now to Prevent Hacking and Malware

In the last month I have had 3 different new clients come to me requesting help dealing with hacking or malware code on their websites.

I wanted to write this article to help practice owners deal with the increased risk of hacking and malware attacks.

The 3 website owners all used Godaddy hosting; however, I can tell you that any hosting company is vulnerable to these attacks.

prevent hacking malware attacks


Here is what you can do to prevent these malware and hacking attacks.

First, if you are using your computer to access your website server or files you need to make sure you do the following:

  • Use Secure passwords and record them on a spreadsheet so you remember them
  • Make sure your computer doesn’t transfer a virus by installing and running Anti-Malware/Spyware software. I recommend Malwarebytes
  • Use the latest version of your web browser
  • Secure your computer by installing a Firewall
  • Keep your computer Operating System software up to date
  • Secure your computer by installing Antivirus software
  • If you give your username and password to someone else, make sure you change it afterwards and make sure their computer is free of viruses and malware
  • Use a hosting company with just a few websites on the server to avoid cross-contamination

Once your computer is secure make sure your website is protected by:

Use a security monitoring service like  The company offers a website monitoring, server side scanning, security alerts, and malware removal  with 24/7 support.

Use a service like CloudFlare that accelerates and secures your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and hosting company’s servers. This prevent the malware from getting on your server.

Using  a security plugin for your content management system such as All in One WP Security for WordPress, will help you manage many of the tasks listed above.

If you want help with setting up these services- give us a call at 781-325-8186.

For Hosting I recommend Siteground because they offer 24/7 support which has been helpful to me when I needed it. They can also help you restore your site if it does get hacked.  Here is a link to get signed up:  Siteground hosting

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