Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm and Why You Need To Know About It

What Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm Means For Your Business


Google recently implemented a new search algorithm process known as “Hummingbird.” This new algorithm is created to be more “precise” and “fast,” meant to return faster and more accurate results when people search for information on Google search engine. The biggest change of is supposed to come in conversational search. Previously, algorithms have focused search results on finding matches for keywords, while this new algorithm focuses on the meaning behind the words.

What Does This Mean for a Business Website?

This change requires the search algorithm to take a closer look at a web site’s social media integration, engagement (level of activity), and related social discussions.

How Are SEO Campaigns Changing?

SEO services need to ensure that there is an integration of website content and social media activity. There should be regular additions to website content and social media activity. SEO companies are making use of social media sites where conversations occur like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Yelp.

Before the algorithm update SEO  companies relied on strategies in which they posting back-links on blogs, and other sites such as article syndicate networks, and a multitude of other sources that are relevant to each clients industry and location. Now, SEO companies are adding social media profile integration as a regular and ongoing part of their search optimization programs. They are posting comments, pictures and videos periodically, on each social profile business page using social sites such as Twitter, Google +, and Facebook.

The Increasing Importance of Social Media

For high ranking on Google and other search engines, social media activity is so important now, because Google wants the searcher to have the best, most relevant user experience. They are hoping that by given higher ranking in a search to websites that are more socially integrated. They also rank sites higher if they post regularly.  This new algorithm makes it more difficult for internet spammers, and others, to manipulate the search results and/or “trick” users to click on their pages links that are less relevant. Obviously, with Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, integrating social media into your SEO is now more important than ever.

Are You Getting Leads from Your Website?

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