Get More Clients By Being A Better Consumer

Better Sales Through Better Buying Habits

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It’s a fact that every business owner needs to be good at sales in order to succeed in business.

In fact, most private practice business owners that come to me for marketing coaching or consulting are coming to me to learn how to sell better. Selling is just finding a way to convey who you are, what you do, and why people should buy from you.

One of my coaches once taught me that if you want to be good at doing sales, you must get good at buying. I thought this perspective was interesting since I observed that many of my practice coaching clients told me they had problems with making buying (and other) decisions themselves, so I decided to write for you a quick guide to better buying habits. This is dedicated to those people who still have not finished holiday shopping because they cannot make a buying decision, but can be used all year long.

No Fuss Buying Habits:

1) Determine what you will be buying

2) Determine must-have and must-not-have features

3) Determine maximum price you will pay

4) Make a short list of vendors

5) Decide on which vendor you will choose

6) Buy it!

If you practice this method with products you purchase, oftentimes, this will generalize over to other decision making areas of your life and you will be able to make decisions more quickly and not get distracted or stress out over meaningless details.

Try it and let me know if it works for you!

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