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How to Use Pinterest for Private Practice and Non-Profits

Can Pinterest Be Used By Those In Private Practice And Non-Profits? I was initially interested in Pinterest for private practice because of the articles I read which indicated Pinterest was becoming a great tool for businesses, helping to drive traffic to their websites in record numbers. As I started reading more about how businesses were using Pinterest, and helping to coach my clients on how to use it, I saw why this is becoming the ultimate social media tool and have tried to distill how pri
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Google+ for Health and Mental Health Professionals

Google+ for Health and Mental Health Professionals Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are changing the way we communicate with each other. In September of 2011 Google announced their own social media site to compete with the other players for advertising dollars. But why should health professionals even care about social media? I saw some recent statistics about the impact social media is having on our lives and I wanted to share a few of these with you: Social Media has over
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