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I Can Do It All Myself! Really, I Can!

Is a DIY Mentality Preventing You From Growing Your Practice? When I switched from working full time to owning my own marketing and coaching business I had the mistaken belief that I could do my marketing, my website, sales, advertising, enewsletter, blogging, social media, bookkeeping, billing, taxes and everything else myself. “It wouldn’t be so difficult,” I thought, and for a period of time I was doing pretty well…until I started getting busy with clients. First, the bookkeeping suff
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Can I Charge Credit Card Fees to Customers?

Passing Along Credit Card Fees-Is It Legal or Illegal?   As a result of some litigation and a settlement reached against Visa and Mastercard, merchants in the United States and it’s territories are now allowed to pass along the cost of processing credit cards directly to clients using credit cards (but not prepaid or debit cards). This fee is called “merchant surcharging” or “checkout fees” and it’s permitted in most states except the states that have banned merchant surcharges,
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Setting and Tracking Financial Goals

Tracking Financial Goals Without the Pain     To many private practitioners, financial management of their business is one of the most disliked aspects of running their practice. Setting and Tracking Financial Goals can be challenging and frustrating. Many of us have hired bookkeepers, accountants, consultants, coaches, and financial planners to help us so we don’t have to deal with the numbers. But lately I have been seeing a growing number of clinicians who simply ignore this aspec
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